Meta Legend Apes NFT is a 5000 limited unrepeatable hand-drawn NFT art collection of unique programmatically generated NFT’s hosted on the Ethereum blockchain.


The entire minted collectibles will be hosted in the form of IPFS files by the most reliable hosting provider in the industry, Your minted NFT will have personal special and unique CID code which is unrepeatable and as the result, you will never lose your NFT on the blockchain network, You will have irrevocable legal and commercial rights to the NFT, and you can use it with your own discretion.

Special Utilities

Owning Meta Legend Apes NFT will grant the owner to rapidly growing list of utilities such as free minting of Meta Legend Apes , giveaways of future NFT’s collections and in any metaverse projects to be developed by the affiliates global studios , full voting rights in regard to distribution of proceed received from commission trading, printed Meta Legend Apes will be sent upon request, pro – rata revenue and commission sharing generating from NFT World Gallery Platform, in addition , nft holders will receive free minting from our new collection Legend In Art, to add the same sentence in the bottom of the page FAQ second box, at the end of the second box.


There will be in total 250 winners randomly picked of the LIFETIME GOLD PASS , each holder of the LIFETIME GOLD PASS will be entitled to receive in addition to the regular available utilities free minted collectibles to his or her wallet address, the collectibles will be distributed to the wallets once every 60 days or less. no less than 6 collectibles a year will be distributed, first distribution will be made upon completion of the public sale.

# 3940

# 4110

# 2138

# 3115

# 1074

# 2318

# 3209

# 4316

# 1074

# 2318

# 3209

# 4316

# 1289

# 3409

# 3456

# 4189


As a NFT holder of Meta Legend Apes you will become a v.i.p member of NFT WORLD GALLERY global NFT platform , the platform goal is to be an extremely utility-driven and plans to bring the ULTIMATE passive reward to its members, Members will accumulate rewards through ongoing cummunity NFT projects , rewards will be issued based on launch proceeds, secondary sales, marketplace fee percentages, airdrops, whitelists, tokenomics, and many, many more benefits that will be added by the NFT WORLD GALLERY in the future , The NFT WORLD GALLERY plans to develop a team that will offer NFT services, education, and awareness to the community , The NFT WORLD GALLERY is community innovating and bringing launches to our community and the NFT world.

All NFT holders will divide ownership, launch proceeds, and secondary sales for all community NFT projects in NFT WORLD GALLERY. They will also co-own their own NFT marketplace and share a portion of all marketplace sales fees. All rewards will be accessible through  wallet connections, staking, and future tokenomics on our marketplace. Holders will also have a hand in building NFT WORLD GALLERY brand as it continues to grow and evolve. 

A Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) will be home to all earnings that will be divided for each NFT owner.

There will be only 5000 limited edition , unique unrepeatable hand-drawned NFT’s , NFT’s are ERC-721A tokens on the Ethereum network , Price of each NFT is TBD

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